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Social Confidence

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Social skills play a big role in opening doors of opportunity, but humility is the key to ensuring those doors stay open- no one likes a prideful person. I will write a blogpost about the difference between good pride and bad pride...

But staying humble is essential because it allows us to continually grow and improve ourselves- some people prevent self-growth by not being able to learn from others.

One common problem many people face is the fear of appearing weak or inadequate when practicing humility. In today's competitive world, there is often a pressure to showcase confidence and success at all times, which can deter us from embracing humility. This fear of vulnerability may lead some to adopt a more boastful or arrogant demeanour to protect their self-image.

Being humble and vulnerable doesn't diminish your worth- it actually enhances our authenticity and makes people more comfortable around us. It's ok to show our imperfections and ask for help when needed.


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