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The Green Healing Meditation

Learning how to allow natural healing, on a physio-emotional level

  • 1 h
  • Online

Service Description

Our bodies are constantly healing, so why is there so much unease, disease, and mental distress in society? Because we've forgotten how to simply get out of nature's way, and let our body heal us as it wants to. The Green Healing Meditation is based on Vipasanna and Quigong methodology. In simple terms, all that means is learning how to let the healing happen on a deep, physio-emotional level. We'll use meditative techniques to quiet down and listen on the inside, in order to transcend doubt and self-division, so that the body, mind and emotions begin to settle and miraculously take care of the healing process by themselves. It's a wonderful skill that anybody can learn to bring health, longevity and vitality- without paying a lot of money just to treat the symptoms.

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