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Healthy Eating

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There is a lot of complexity one can dig into with regards to nutrition, but it seems like just sticking to some basic principles is all that's truly needed to be able to have balance in your lifestyle- especially if you're a pretty young person and don't have any serious health conditions.

This is, for example, what I do my best to stick to everyday as a foundation for staying at least somewhat balanced 😉

-Hydrating first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Hydration helps with metabolism, detoxification, and more..

-Eating enough fresh foods and cutting out fast food and highly processed products from the store. Fresh foods are what the human body evolved to function on, and overloading your system with processed foods can bog it down and decrease your sensitivity.

-Not eating for at least an hour or 2 prior to bed and being sure to get enough sleep. This may seem unrelated, but by getting enough rest, you allow your body to repair as it should and you may feel less of a need to overcompensate by eating sugary foods to get more energy during the day.


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